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Before I even knew what personal development was, I began my own journey of personal growth years ago when I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship.

I enjoyed reading success stories of other women who were successful in their chosen fields and doing my best to model their successes in my own life and business.

Even though I am currently employed full time as a Human Resources and Information Technology professional,  I also consider myself a fulltime entrepreneur as well.  I endeavor each and every day to apply the entrepreneur mindset even in my day job as I also build my homebased business part-time.

I started this website as a resource for other women who are seeking to grow in their personal lives as well as build a successful business.

I have been on my entrepreneurial journey for over six years and have reached a point of significant success in my direct sales business.  However, I have come to realize that I am not truely a success unless that I can empower other women to fullful their dreams of personal growth as they build a homebased business that is right for them.

This website will provide a directory of resourceful articles on both personal and professional development topics as well as reviews of business models that you may find helpful.   I hope that the information you find here will add tremendous value to your personal life and business endeavors.


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  1. Aya Eneli

    Hi Dee:

    We have a mutual friend, the lovely Bethany Hall, and she thought we should connect. After reading about you, I know she is right. You can learn more about me at http://www.ayaeneli.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Aya Eneli

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Jeanette! I am so glad you did! WE are all in this together. We are all learning together. I will be sharing my knowledge with you going forward as I grow and continue to educate myself.

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Thanks Charles,
      Even though my initial intent is to empower women in business. I do have men that have joined my mailing list. I will be adding more content on a more consistent basis. I must learn to partake of my own advice and be more focused and strategic in my efforts. It does get challenging at times with a full time job and family AND I know this blog is also worth investing my time into. I enjoy helping others reach their goals.


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