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For as long as I can remember, even since childhood, I have always been passionate about personal development and entrepreneurship.

I enjoy reading success stories of other women who were successful in their chosen fields and doing my best to model their successes in my own life and business.

Even though I am currently employed full time in corporate America, I also consider myself a full time entrepreneur as well.  I endeavor each and every day to apply the entrepreneur mindset even in my day job as I also build my home based business part-time.

I started this website as a resource for other women who are seeking to grow in their personal lives as well as build a successful business.

I have been on my entrepreneurial journey for over six years and have reached a point of significant success in my direct sales business.  However, I have come to realize that I am not truly a success unless  I can inspire and empower other women to fulfill their dreams of personal growth as they build a home based business that is right for them.

This website continues to be a work in progress.  It is my goal and endeavor to provide you will great information and valuable resources that will equip you to be successful in your life, business or career.



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  1. Aya Eneli

    Hi Dee:

    We have a mutual friend, the lovely Bethany Hall, and she thought we should connect. After reading about you, I know she is right. You can learn more about me at http://www.ayaeneli.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Aya Eneli

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Jeanette! I am so glad you did! WE are all in this together. We are all learning together. I will be sharing my knowledge with you going forward as I grow and continue to educate myself.

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Thanks Charles,
      Even though my initial intent is to empower women in business. I do have men that have joined my mailing list. I will be adding more content on a more consistent basis. I must learn to partake of my own advice and be more focused and strategic in my efforts. It does get challenging at times with a full time job and family AND I know this blog is also worth investing my time into. I enjoy helping others reach their goals.


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