5 Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read Before They Start a Business

Today, I want to share five books every female entrepreneur should read BEFORE they start a business.  These are some powerful books that will prepare you to start and run a successful home based business or traditional business, while maintaining a happy and healthy home life at the same time.  The books cover a variety of subjects such as time management, family issues, parenting, the right mindset and the steps to build a successful business.

Book # 5: Sexy Boss: How Female Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rule Book for Money, Success and Even Sex, and How You Can Too! by Heather Havenwood

Times have changed!  This book is about redefining the rules for business and money concerning women.  This book teaches women how to play with the big boys of business.  Learn some simple things you can do to invent the life you want for yourself.

Book # 4: Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career and the Conflict of Modern Motherhood by Samantha Walravens

This book examines the conflict between the need to work and the need to nurture.  Approximately four dozen women share their personal stories and their perspectives about maintaining this fine balance.

Book # 3: Super Moms Inc.: Work From Home, Build a Profitable Home Business, and Find Time For Your Family When You Have Kids To Take Care Of by Carolyn Woods

If you have small kids at home and are trying to figure out how to balance your business and family time, this is the book for you.  The book is filled with legitimate business plans and practical, proven advice from a work from home mom.

Book # 2: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

How we think and what we think will determine a great part of our success in life and in business.  If you want to learn how to "think" like a winner and program your brain for success, this is the book for you. This book was funded by Andrew Carnegie and was done as a 20+ year case study of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs in the country.   You will learn the 17 principles of success and discover how you can "think and grow rich."  This is one of the top two or three best selling "success" books of all time.  My copy has so many highlighted and dog eared pages that it's difficult to read.  It is jam packed with "golden nuggets" that will help you out.

Book # 1: The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

This is hands down the best business book I've ever read. I put it ahead of all of these other titles on this list because it actually teaches you what you need to do to build a successful business of your own.  If you can't get this one step right, nothing else really matters. Mr. Gerber discusses why most businesses fail and offers sound advice on what to do about it.  Some of the book is told in the form of a story with a woman who has a failing pie business. He provides this lady helpful insights that help her turn her business around.  This book is a game changer for the serious female entrepreneur.  Read it.  Re-read it.  And then re-read it again a couple times each year.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are five books that every female entrepreneur should read BEFORE they start a business.  If you've read one of these books or have another good book that you can recommend, I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below and tell us what book you recommend, or what you like/dislike about my list.

About the Author: Charles Holmes is a Business Coach, affiliate marketer, internet marketer and author.  He makes his full-time living online, from the comfort of his own home.  He grew up in an entrepreneurial family in Maine.



One thought on “5 Books Every Female Entrepreneur Should Read Before They Start a Business

  1. Sarah Gallagher

    Thank you for posting these. I have never read The E-Myth so I'll take your recommendation on that one. Sounds great.
    The best I've read in many years is Joy Chudacoff's What's Next. http://whatsnextthebook.com/

    This book is absolute gold. Joy Chudacoff has a good reputation and her 7 step advice was an inspiration to me. Fantastic book.

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