6 Time Management Tips for Work from Home Moms

I've always admired how work from home moms can get so much done: preparing meals, taking care of the kids, picking things up, doing the shopping, paying the bills and the HUNDREDS of other things these awesome moms do.  Combine that with running a successful home based business and you will quickly discover that TIME is your most precious asset.

I might be a guy, but I still believe I can provide some helpful tips for work from home moms.  Whether you telecommute or have your own home based business, these six time management tips can help increase your productivity, so you can work smart. The tips are listed in no particular order.

Tip # 1: Do Things in Batches 

One of the best time management tips I can offer you is to do things in batches.  For example, try to do all of your grocery shopping once a week, rather than visiting the grocery store three to four times a week.  When it comes to your business, do similar activities at once.  For example, if you are a blogger, write all of your blog posts for the week on the same day each week.  You will quickly discover that you can save a lot of time when you do things in batches.  You won't always be able to do this, but when you can you should.

Tip # 2: Work at Your Most Productive Hours

We all have different times of the day that we have more energy and are naturally more productive.  Yes, small children might keep you from doing certain things at certain times, but whenever possible, try to do your most important things during your peak hours.   For instance, if you are a morning person consider waking up an hour or two early to get things done.

Tip # 3: Outsource

I believe that stay at home moms can and should outsource.  For example, if you can get paid $20-$30 per hour to do tasks for someone else from home (such as virtual assistant or writing) and you can hire a friend to come over and help you for 1-2 hours per day to help clean the house and babysit for just $8 to $10 per hour, I think that makes sense.  It will give you a small break from your parenting/work from home responsibilities.  The bottom line is don't spend your time doing things you could outsource for a small price.

Tip # 4: Plan Your Day the Night Before

I know unexpected things come up, but you still need to plan your day the night before.  Have a day planner and schedule out your day, even routine tasks.  Break your day down into 30 minute increments.  Schedule in meal times, meal preparation times, trips to the store, playing with the children, working your business, etc.  Schedule the most important things first and then block off times for all other tasks.

Tip # 5: Identify the Top 10-20% of Your Tasks

Not all tasks are created equal.  You need to prioritize your "to do" list every day and determine which tasks are the most important. These tasks should be done during your productive time, and done first.  All other tasks should be done AFTER the most important tasks are complete.  Doing things in order of importance is critical if you want to succeed in your home based business.

Tip # 6: Minimize Distractions

Keep the television off.  Keep your computer off when you don't need it.  Only check email once or twice a day.  Only answer your cell phone when it is CONVENIENT for you and does not keep you from doing something else.  You would be surprised at how much time gets wasted each day because of interruptions and distractions.  Do what you can to minimize them in your home.  I'm not telling you to neglect your child.  When they need something, help them.  But all other things should be handled accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Time is our most precious asset.  We all have the same amount of time in a day.  It's how we spend our time that matters most.  As a work from home mom you need to learn how to manage your time wisely so you can raise your kids AND be productive with your home based business.  Although you have a lot on your plate, I know you can be successful if you follow the tips I mentioned above.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

About the Author: Charles Holmes is a Certified Small Business Coach and full-time work from home professional.  He earns his living as a blogger, internet marketer, network marketer, author, and eBay Seller.