A Spirit of Excellence Will Always Prevail

excellenceAs you probably already know, I am currently employeed in corporate America and make time as often as I can in building my home based business in direct sales and content publishing.

Some days I struggle with where I want to be or see myself being versus where I am at the moment.  Those feelings of fustration often rain down on me the hardest on Sunday nights as the realization comes into focus that it's once again time for another work week.

However, recently I decided that it is no longer healthy for me to allow those feelings to over take me or overwhelm me to the point of self induced stress in addition to the stress of the job itself.  Through consistent prayer and gratitude for what God has already done and knowing how much I am already blessed, does help take the sting out of the Monday morning blues.

I want to share an article that I jotted down in my journal back in January while I was sitting in Barnes and Nobles one Saturday morning, relaxing and reading as I so love to do every Saturday morning that I get an oppotunity to do so.

This article reminded me how important it is that not matter what situation we are in, we are to always do our best.  Especially as a child of God, I know it is always important for me to always operation in a spirit of excellence so that my Father in Heaven can be glorified.  I must admit that I sometimes miss the mark and I am thankful for His grace and mercy that continues to shape me into the person  he has called me to be.

I hope that you enjoy this article as I did and refer back to it when you need a reminder to always do your best no matter what...

Sonya Allenyne's Tip of the Month - From the December 2012 Issue of Black Enterprise

Keep raising the bar, particularly when you want to quit.

"Always do your best, someone is watching." -- Colin Powell

The hope is that professionals are always working at optimal levels but it is critical advise for individuals who feel stuck, limited, or unhappy in their position.  Until you are courageous enough to venture out, doing your best, particularly in less-than-inspiring environments, will allow you to shine where you are.

It not only demonstrates a disciplined work ethic in the midst of mediocrity, it may distinguish you as effective, resourceful and even innovative.

Excellence in any environment is what shapes your reputation and may determine who becomes part of your network.


I hope that this article sparked something in you as it did me. Some days it does seem as if you could not last another day on your job.  My advice is to not focus on the fact that you don't want to be there, but rather focus on how you might use your gifts no matter where you are to let your light shine...

Create moments of inspiration by meditating on the good in your life.  Develop a daily habit of thanking God for the opportunities that await you even before they appear.

Be blessed today and remember to focus on excellence in whatever you do.




5 thoughts on “A Spirit of Excellence Will Always Prevail

  1. Rosie

    Thank you for sharing. I sometimes do feel stuck, but the difference is that I no longer work in corporate America, I'm a stay at home mom and my job does not pay the bills...LOL, but it can be rewarding in other ways. I do feel stuck sometimes because I don't have a set schedule to work my business and a set schedule to work at home! I think that if I organize myself better, I can be more successful, but that probably won't happen until school starts! I have 5 kids ages 1, 6, 12, 16, 18 and they keep me pretty busy, specially during the summer! There you have it, even a stay at home mom can feel stuck! Thank you again for sharing, this article does help me think about how I should treat my business!

  2. Thank you for sharing inspiration with others. Strong words of encouragement gives many people hope to hold on, stay the course, and be positive.

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Thanks Timothy! I have invested to much of my time and myself to quit now... Sometimes it does see like the end is not in sight and the goal is unreachable. The key is to set your goals and THEN take your aways away fromt the goal and get laser focused on the process, the daily actions and stay committed and before you realize it, you will be there.
      We will make it together!

  3. Dee, great article that really hit home with me. I too have a career in corporate America and have that same feeling Sunday evenings and struggle to find time to continue to grow my Direct selling business. Sometimes life does get in the way of my business, but I always do my best and on days when time allows I work at it will all my might. I too have learned at those times to trust in God and prayer to guide me through.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Yes, Susan. That is so true. every day I have to remind myself that my job is just a tool for personal develop so that when i am working for myself fulltime, I will have developed all of the skills, mindset and disciplined to run a successful business full time.
      Most of all trusting God for the outcome, because in the end, only God has control of the outcome. Our responsibility is consistent action and the outcome will take care of itself.

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