Build Business Relationships That Last

business relationshipsI know you have heard it many times over.  When it comes to real estate, the most important thing is location. The second most important thing is location and finally and last but not least, location is the number 3 most important thing.

When it comes to business, career and any thing you you want to accomplish in life, the most important thing above all else, is RELATIONSHIPS.  It is through relationships that we connect to the people and resources that will bring us the success we are looking for.  Whether it be landing a great new job, closing a sell, or winning the buy-in of a new partner, your ability to develop quality relationships that are profitable for both you and the other person(s) is critical to lasting success.

Does it mean you have to become BBFs with every person you meet? Of course not! But you may not want to dismiss them so quickly either.  Who knows whether you could be entertaining angels  unaware of whether the person that has crossed your path could be the key or the missing puzzle on your road to achieving your goals.

Here are some tips I think will help you.

1.  Always look for ways to add value to other people.  Stop listening to the same old tired radio station that everyone else is listening too WIIFM(What's in in for Me?). Instead, look for ways you can help someone solve a problem or connect them to someone that can help them.

2. Be Generous with Your Resources.  No you don't have to break the bank, but simply sharing and even giving away something for free from your business without looking for anything in return, will no only make your feel great, but this one thing will gain your major trust points with potential customers or clients.

3.  Listen, Observe, Act.  Make sure you listen to others and look for what is not spoken as well.  Learn what their dislikes are. Learn about what they like.   What are their hobbies, favorite music, etc.?  Take the time to file this info away and use it later to do unexpected things like send a card or remember their child's birthday.

There are so many other things that I believe will help you build great business and personal relationships. These stand out as some of the most important for me.

Just remember, above all else is key.  Show me someone who is top in their field, or has  more customers than they can handle and I will show you someone who is great at developing and cultivating great business relationships.



2 thoughts on “Build Business Relationships That Last

  1. Love your words of wisdom Dee! So proud of you and what you are doing!! And I feel so fortunate to have a great relationship with you! You ispire me!

  2. Adding value is definitely one of the most important things when it comes to business success. It can't be all about you. Both parties have to benefit. Try to create win-win propositions where both people win. Do that and you will build great relationships, get lots of referrals and make more money.

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