Did You Upgrade?

Earlier this year I was SOOOOO excited to upgrade to the iPhone 6+.   Why it's everything that I have ever dreamed of.  All that an more!  You know that is saying alot coming from someone who once said she would ALWAYS be a an Adroid girl.

Sorry Android.  But your girl was bit by the Apple Vampire and I will forever be  Apple until the end of time.

Back to my original question...  Did You Upgrade?

I am not referring to the latest and greatest in IT or telecommunications. What I am referring to is much more powerful and much more sustainable.

Why, I am talking about the greatest thing that was ever created, the human mind.  Your potential, all of your possibilities.  Did you upgrade?

Everytime the latest and greatest piece of technology comes on the market, we form lines that are miles long and even risk physical harm to become first partakers.  We are overjoyed that we can now boast that we have upgraded to the lastest and greatest.

However, my question remains.... did you upgrade?  Did you upgrade your God given brilliant mind that is full of possibilities and opportunities?  If you you only took the time to discover all that lies within...

Did you upgrade.... Your outlook on what is possible for you and all that God has in store for you in the new year to come?

My challenge to you , is to examine yourself.  Know your possibilities are only limited by your thinking.

If you are looking for the latest and greates in 2015, all you need to do is upgrade.  Upgrade yourself. Upgrade your mind. Upgrade your way of thinking.  The possibilities and opportunities will be endless.