Do You Want More Customers?

customer referralsYou may not realize that word-of-mouth advertising makes up about 84% of the sales that take place in our country.

Has it occured to you that more and more people are buying a product or service simply because a friend or colleague was so excited about the product or the result they got.  A sale took place because of advice or a recommendation on what to buy and more importantly WHO to buy from.

If it doesn't already, this bit of  information should mean alot to you.

If you want to be at the top in your industry, you want to get your customers selling for you as much as you can and whenever you can and as often as you can.  I'm not talking about coaxing your customers to be helpers and taking orders for you, while that is fine.  What I am about to share will take your business and your image as a direct sales professional to a whole new level.

To get to that level, it's all about credibility, my friend.

Never Worry About Prospecting Again

Do you want to be one of the ones that never have to prospect again because you have your cutomers doing all of your selling for you?   Went you treating your homebased business like that of any top selling company, you will be experiencing these results.  it's all about positioning yourself as a leader in your industry and and company you are representing.   In order to position yourself in this way, you must first have a vision and misson for why and how you will do business and engage in the marketplace.

This is true whether you are building your business offline or onlline.  Online is even more challenging.  However the same results can be achieved.  You will no longer have to worry about how you will drive traffic to your website, but your existing online customers will gladly send traffic to your website.

Are You Clear About Who You Are?

One of the things I have realized over the years in working with people in the employee development feel is people in general do not know who they really are.  They come to work everyday do a job the ole routine thing.... and they have no personal vision for their life nor a mission.  But that does not have to be you.  Who you are is as close to you as what your gifts are and who you intend to use them.  But don't be so hard on yourself.  Now that you are aware of how important that you be clear on this, you can now work towards discovering who you truely are and the gifts you have and how you will use those gifts in your business to impact the lives of others.

Never Give Up. Pesevere until You Succeed.

The reason that people grow and become better and better over the course of time, is because they persist gently in the direction of their goals and dreams. They don't expect overnight transformations. When they don't see results immediately, they don't get discouraged. They just keep on keeping on. And you must do the same.  When I first partnered with Avon to sell their products online,  the first year was a true test of my ability to stick with it until I started getting the results I wanted.  My first year in business, I had a whopping one sell online during my first year.  It would have been very easy for me to give up, and I almost did.  But I reminded myself of why I was doing this. I reminded myself of my vision and mission and why I should not give up.

Have I arrived?  Most certainly not.  I am still on this journery and I consider myself a student of life and a student of this industry, which means I will never stop learning and discovering ways that I can grow as a person  to be successful in life and business.  I konw that if you do the same you will have the success you are looking for and you will get to that place where you will no longer have to look for customers again but you will be sending them to others on your team because you will have more than you can handle.  Yes, it is possible my friend!  You just have to believe ...

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3 thoughts on “Do You Want More Customers?

  1. lisa poduska

    thank you so much for the advice, this is the 2nd time I went inactive and I really needed to hear what you had to say

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Lisa, You can do it. You already have it in you to succeed. You have a strength inside of you that you have yet to tap into. Discover what is unique and wonderful about you and put it to work in your business.

  2. Word of mouth advertising is very effective. Good news travels fast and bad news travel faster. One of the reasons affiliate marketing works so well for the product creators is that they have thousands of people talking to others about their product. This creates rapid growth and sales and is a lot easier than trying to do everything yourself. So my advice is to get a small Army of people who are passionate about your product, service and business and give them a reason to talk about you.
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