Great Recruiting Strategies for Multi-level Marketing: Part I

Recruiting Strategies for MLMLast night was one of those nights that my mind just would not quiet down.  Sometimes I get so focused on my goals that my mind just goes into overdrive, giving me ideas and possibilities for how I might achieve them and even excellerate them.  This can be exciting and amazing because I am just in awe of just how great God created us to be if we would just learn to use the brilliant minds that He gave all of us.  I must admit having a mind in overdrive during the weeknight can have the opposite on me, especially when my day begins at 4am to prepare for a 45 minute commute to downtown Atlanta.

Well, last night I had the bright idea to browse all of the business books on my Barnes and Nobles App until I could get sleepy enough to fall asleep. This turned out not to be until 5:30 am, by the way.  I added countless titles to my wishlist and not sure why I decided to purchase it but I did.  I purchased Mark Yarnell's latest How to Become Filthy Stinkin Rick Through Network Marketing.  If any of you know of him, he is the author of the original NY Best Seller, Your First Year in Network Marketing.

Even though I was and am turned off by the title, I was intrigued due to the success of his original book.  I read his orginal title many years back and was inspired and gained alot of knowledge about the Network Marking Industry, of which some of the principles I still apply today. I plan to share in a latter post why I believe that though the book was great for the 80s and early 90s, I feel it is no longer relevant for the way we do business today even though the principles are timeless.

Well, I decided to give the chapters in the new book a quick browse through.  I plan to do a separate post on why I disagree with most of what he said about a Network Marketing business being built on the internet and honestly I feel he is out of touch along with alot of the companies who do not fully equip company reps to be successful online.  While it is still possible, they could do alot better.  Well enough about that for now.

What I found in this book is a chapter on recruiting strategies for those who have a fear of prospecting simply because they fear the rejection.  I actually thought the strategies were great for the most part and pretty much doable by even the faintest of heart when it comes to  prospecting for new recruits.

Recruiting Strategies for Your Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing Business

These are rejection free strategies that you can put into action immediately. While most of them are pretty good, some I personally would not use for my own personal preference, but I will let you decide for yourself:

1.  The Lime-Green Card Advertisement - for this strategy, you would purchase lime-green 4X6 index cards.   On the front you would have the following text professionally printed in all capital letters (But you could do this yourself, I'm sure):

SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY (Your telephone Number)

The style of the message and the color of the card is designed to get attention and pique curiosity. I personally would change the amount to something like 10-20K per month. Or I would even change it to something like earn and extra 500- $1500 per month.  The truth of the matter is, alot of people don't come into the business wanting to earn that much.  Most only want to earn enough a month for the mortage or a car note.   It's up to you.  Apparently it works, else they probably would not have shared it.

Make sure your voicemail is professional.  You may want to have a separate number for this. Record a brief message.  Do not mention your company on you voicemail.  You want to save that information until you actual get them on the phone.

You want to post these cards everywhere you can. Just a few ideas: coffee shops that have community bulletin boards, hair salons, any public place that have community bulletin boards, gas station counters, dry clearners, teacher lounges.  Possibilities are only as limited by your imagination.

2.Data-Specific Lists -This is a list of people that you may have something in common with or a specific demographic that you want to target.  You get this lists through companies that sell mailing or data lists.  How this strategy works for example:  Let's say you want to target a list of realtors because maybe you are currently or use to be in this profession.  When you get this list, you start calling these people.  You would say something like this:

" Hello, my name is Dee Foster; I'm a realtor and I understand that you are also"

(Saying that right away will help establish some rapport)  Even though the book does not mention this, If I were using this strategy, I would ask if they had a quick minute before invading their time.....

Then you would say something like:

"This may sound crazy, but I have found a way for realtors with busy schedules like ours to earn $10K -$20K per month. It wont interfere with our business and can really be a great second income if your business is slow like mine. "Grab a pen, quick, I want to give you the website where you can learn more."

Even though I think that this is  a great method, I think that Mark's failure to mention the importance of sending the prospect to a website that has a way to capture their information, makes this method fall a little short.  Even though you have the information, you want that person entering their information into a lead capture page that will link to an autoreponder that will continue to share information about your business opportunity until they make a decision to get started.  This is the way the heavy hitters are doing it online.  I get the sneaky suspicion that his bias against the whole internet thingy has something to do with the failure to share this information. But I will digress for now.....

The possibilities for this method are endless as well, you can use this with hobbies.  If you are passionate about coin collecting.  buy  a list of coin collectors.  Use the same script...  the connection part would be that you have found a way for coin collectors to earn money to help support their hobby and even earn a fulltime income so they can have more time for doing what they love, coin collecting.   Use this for anything.... Get creative.   Hummmmm I really like this! You can actually apply this with some online methods i am thinking places like

In Part II, I will share the rest of the strategies I learned about.  The best way to build your business has yet to be invented. You are only limited by your creativity.

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  1. I agree Dee that most new people to the business cannot envision earning thousands a month. Most just want to keep their home from foreclosure or make a car note or have money for the extras they want their kids to have. If they see they can earn even $300 to $500 a month in the beginning that gets them onboard. Some will always be happy with that amt while a very small percentage - very small - will catch the vision of a lifestyle change and go for the bigger money. Maybe I should just say that most aren't hurting bad enough to get off the nail!

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