Great Recruiting Strategies for Multi-level Marketing: Part II

recruiting strategies III hope that you have already started putting some of the strategies I shared in Part I into good use.  If you have not, why not?  To me the worst strategy is the one that is never implemented.

As I mentioned in Par I, these are strategies mentioned in How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich, Through Network Marketing.

OK. Let's get to the strategies...

3.  The Kiosk CD Handout - This strategy is probably one of my most favorite of all the strategies I read in the book.  With this strategy, you want to provide a business opportunity CD or what every company marketing materials you may have, to the person working the Kiosk.  In alot of cases the owner of the kiosk is the person that is actually working the kiosk.   This strategy taps into the power of leveraging the networks of other people.  It would stand to reason that the Kiosk owner would have access to lots of people at any given time.  All it would take is recruiting a few kiosk owners on your team, to explode your business.  Also these people are business minded and are more open to getting more information about your business opportunity.

4.The Billboard - This is a great strategy for a team, as this strategy could be a bit pricey. With this strategy you could easily generate thousands of leads in a short period of time, provided that you get a billboard in a good high traffic location.  You only want to use a catch generic advertisement.  You would also need a phone number and an 800# that they could call for information or a website that has a lead capture page for this method.  This is a 100% rejection free method since you will only be talking to leads that have requested information.

5.  The Job Fair -  Now here is an interesting twist on using the job fair strategy.  With this strategy, you do not pay for money to set up a booth.  The author recommends taking CDs related to your company and handing them out during the course of networking at the job fair as a participant.  This is the technique:  Meet as many people as you can, building a rapport, ask them for their card, share a CD (Don't leave brochures). Don't forget to follow up later.

6.  The Pall Bearer Strategy.  I REALLY like this one and going to start using it myself immediately with my online leads.

1. Get a recipe box that hold 4 X 6 index cards and insert dividers for January through December. (I plan to use my existing CRM software)

2. Insert 30 blank cards, numbered 1 through 30, behind every divider.

3. Whenever you talk to people about your business (if they are pleasant), fill out a card on each of them.  Include their contact information, along with anything that will help jog our memory about them.

4. Insert the completed card behind the dvider that is exactly six months from today in your card file.

The key to this strategy is to be consistent in following up.  No one knows how their life will change in 6 months.  Build the habit of follow up and you will be the first one they contact when the light finally comes on for them.

If you implement just one of these strategies into your business plan, you could see amazing results.  These fellas are veteran pros in this industry and the strategies they teach have been proven.  I know  I said in Part I that I did not care for the book based on what they said about building a Network Marketing Business online.  However, my opinion of the book has soften and is alittle more favorable now that I am taking the time to read the entire book.   I still think they are out of tough with the possibilites of the internet. However, the value that this book will add to your library far out ways just one point of contention I may have.

Well, it's now time for you to take some action. Get to it!