How to Increase Sales During the Summer Months

You may be happy that its summer but judging by the way your sales may be looking right about now, you may also be wishing that the summer months fly by.

It is true that sales tend to slow down during the summer. But that does not have to be true for you or your sales team. There are actually people in network marketing who thrive during the summer months because they take advantage of many opportunities left my others who have already counted themselves out because they talk themselves out of taking any action during this time.  It really is up to you how successful you will be during the summer months based on your level of activity. You may have to increase your level of activity in order to see the results you want to see, even during the summer months.

Here are some tips for increasing your sales during the summer that I hope you will find helpful for both you and your team.

1. Special Promotions. Focus on only a few products that your company may only carry during the summer months. For example , if your company has suntan lotion, build special campaigns around that product. Offer free gift if their purchase includes suntan lotion. If you have a sales team, hold a special contest to give a prize for whoever sells the most unitsGetting everyone on your team involved will increase your possibilities for success.

2. Have a contest. Give your sales team something to work towards by holding a summer long contest or for however long you want to do it. Create a way for them to report it to track their progress. When you can see that you are making progress, it motivates you to keep going. Be their cheerleader along the way.  You don't have to break the bank to give a prize.  Bundle some of your products you may have on inventory as an incentive or a gift card for dinner.  You are only limited by your imagination.

3. Change your approach. Keeping in mind that people are enjoying their families during the summer months, you will want to change your approach to how you reach out to your prospects or customers. People will spend less and less time sifting through email and any emails you send may in up in the trash file. Switch to the direct mail approach. If your company has great promotional material or catalogs, the majority of the work is already done for you. All you have to do is get it in the mail. I personally love receiving catalogs in the mail.

4. Internet Marketing. This is an approach that you can start to put into place during the summer months as well. I must caution you, that you may not see immediate results, especially if you have little to no experience in this area. But it is well worth the time invested to start learning these skills and applying them to your business. Implementing this strategy during the summer months, could position your business to really flourish on line in the months ahead and beyond and you could even make up for the loss of revenue from the summer months many times over. Check out Wealthy Affiliate if you would like to learn how to start now to build your business online and position yourself for online sales or more recruits later.

4. Keep Trying. Finally, and most importantly, do stop trying to reach out to your customers and prospects. If you expect to be successful, you have to completely go “ALL IN” and raise your level of activity during the summer months. Armed with the information that summer time can be slow for sales,  should be what propels you to be more strategic in your actions and NOT discourage you from taken action at all. If you don’t don’t try and KEEP trying, your sales WILL be slow during the summer for sure.

I hope these few tips that I shared with you will help you in your business or may help inspire new ideas of your own.

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