How to Make Money Online – Simplified

make money onlineI shared some time ago where I got my start online and how I learned how to become a top seller in  my direct sales company.

As my foundation, I  started with Wealthy Affiliate, an Online Marketing Academy that teaches you how to build an online presence for any business or service, whether it's a brick and mortar, affiliate programs, home based or network marketing company.

Early on in my Direct Sales Business, I understood that it was not enough to have one of those cookie cutter company websites. (News Flash****GOOGLE HATES THOSE WEBSITES). The exception to that is your company allows you some leverage to add your own unique content to your website.  I am happy that my company does allow you to do that and that does help a little, even though it is still considered a replicated website.

Here is just one of the new training videos that was uploaded recently, among the many comprehensive training videos we have on the membership site.

How to Make Money Online - The Process Explained

This training video explains the process of making money online from the initial topic or niche you want to target, all the way to what types of programs you will use to generate money with on your website or blog.

Who is your Audience?

What is your Audience looking for?

What problems do they need solved?

Remember, creating a website is all about creating value by solving a problem or creating content that will help your audience achieve a certain goal or end result.

Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche by providing valuable content and you can LITERALLY write your own paycheck and give yourself a raise whenever you want to.

This video shares the fundamentals to expose you to the process.   This training ONLY covers the basics but is enough to give you a start and give you a glimpse into the skills I learned that you and anyone can learn to start building a presence for your business online.

CLICK HERE to  view the training video now.  You will want to explore other training on the site as well.

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