Is There Enough Time in the Day?

 multi womanStrategies to Help You Find Time Your Home Based Business While Keeping It All Together

 If you are like me, you have probably had your challenges getting your home business up and running. Like you, I also have a full time job, family obligations as well as maintaining responsibility to myself by trying to stay healthy and eat right in order to maintain and sustain performance in all areas of my life.

Even through these challenges, I do have great news! You can find and maximize time to build momentum for your home business. All you need is to find time and commit to use that time for your home business only. Try the following strategies to make your home based business flourish.

Establish a Daily Routine and Document It

Routines can  help simply your life and give you a since of control even while working the 9-5, taking care of the family and everything else that goes in between.

The first thing you will need to do find a quiet place and write down your schedule. Document the start and end time on events like getting ready for work, driving your kids to school, your commute to your day job, gym time and any other weekly commitments you have. Don’t forget to include weekends and family time (this is most important). 

After completing this exercise you should have a good visual of what your work week looks like. You should see openings in your week. Make your goal easy: try to find two hours you can commit to spend on your business. You should be able to re-prioritize some time. 

Stay with the Schedule You Created and Re-Evaluate

The next thing you need to do is stick with your schedule. This can be tough because you are creating a new habit.  Once you get the hang of your new routine, you should always re-evaluate your schedule. You may be able to find more time to spend on your home business.

Sticking with your schedule means you need to discipline yourself to work. This means that you have to find a way after work, after little league games, after dinner and after putting the kids to bed. 

Don’t Forget Your Family.

After a long day at work, sometimes all I can do is crash as soon as I walk in the door, especially if I work a 12 hour or long day.  On those day, I am so grateful for the support of my husband who does not mind making sure dinner is ready.  And sometimes on those days the only family time we go get is sitting down to dinner together.  It’s during these times that it is so important that you maintain open communication with your husband and children to communicate with them how much you love them and to thank them for being so understanding and supportive during those times when you can’t spend a lot of time together.   Sometimes it may be necessary for you to spend some time on your business after you leave work.  Make sure you communicate this to everyone in your family and also make sure they know they are important to you and you do have a scheduled time when you will spend time with them and make sure you do it soon after.  Make sure you set a time limit each day in the week that you will spend on your business so that your family can expect that they will have quality time.  If you need some extra time on the business,  plan sometime during the latter part of the week that you can burn the midnight oil, when it won’t interfere with your family time.

Recognize and Embrace Distractions

As we all know life also throws us off schedule. Try your best to embrace that fact instead of fighting it. If your child stays up late, focus on helping your child quiet down and go to sleep. Try not to focus on what you could be doing. Don’t worry. The work will still be there when you are ready.

If you have to stay late at your day job, then choose to work late. Usually, you’ll find that it is better just to focus on one thing at a time. You’ll be more efficient and effective. Having a clear and guilt free mind while working on your business is most productive.

To handle new ideas that can distract you while you are working, keep an MP3 Recorder handy so if an idea comes up you can record it or write down the idea in a notebook. You can always prioritize those thoughts at a later time. You will also find that you are using less energy dealing with distractions instead of fighting them.

So there is good news when it comes to finding time to work on your own business. Don’t despair and don’t get frustrated. Just remember that you have total control of your time and you alone can change your habits to build your businesses momentum.





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  1. You make some great points, Dee. Having a routine is paramount to being productive. So is having set priorities for the day. I like to make my "to do" list every night the night before. I also like to delegate as much as possible to virtual assistants, especially the "time killers" that take up my time, but don't give the biggest return on investment. I always tell people don't spend your $100 per hour time on $10 per hour tasks, especially if you own a business.
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