No Calling Leads, No Selling….. Yeah Right

calling leadsWith the power of the internet and the ability to reach millions of people anywhere, at any time, one would think that we had achieved the nirvana of Network Marketing.

No calling Leads and no Selling is music to most network marketers ears.  And one would wonder why, especially knowing that this is what they signed up for. 

I don’t know of any reputable Network Marketing Company that you can earn a 6-figure income without ever picking up the phone to follow up with leads and sharing more information about your product our how the business opportunity would benefit them.

But I see these ads so much on the internet. 

Finally, make buckets of money every single month with NO CALLING LEADS and NO SELLING. 

I know you have seen  ads like that and probably even piqued your curiosity enough for you to hand over your email address, just so that you can get access to the magic that will FINALLY allow you to earn the money you have been hoping for and dreaming of for so so long.  This is finally it,  I can feel it in me bones!

I guess one of my biggest questions is what is wrong with calling leads and what is wrong with selling?  My answer to that ... calling leads and selling has been done wrong for so long that it has earned a reputation that is akin to the typhoid fever.  Nobody wants to touch it or be associated with it.  That is if they want to keep their friends and keep their reputation in tact.

Well, you forked over your information and probably even a little money too, only to learn that at the end of the day, that if you really want to be successful in the Network Marketing industry, you can not replace the human touch with technology.  As powerful as the internet is, it has no heart, soul or personality with which anyone can connect.  The truth of the matter is that we as humans are wired in such away that the pursuit of relationships and meaningful connections will always be at the heart and soul over every success that we have in life. Yes, even in the age of facebook.  Whether it be in the workplace, in church, our community, or even in our business, technology can never replace the human connection.

So back to No Phone Calls and No Selling….

When you use the internet as a tool to put your business in front of thousands of people 24 hours a day and have a system in place where you can capture their information,  that is a match made in heaven.  But don’t let it stop there.  Don’t leave them on their own.  Now is your opportunity to start building a relationship.  If you captured them with an autoresponder, start sending a series of emails that share free information (without selling, I will explain later), and start to build rapport and build trust.  If you were able to capture their information, then that is a bonus.  This person is just screaming for you to call them!  Pick up the phone and thank them for stopping by. Ask them if they have any questions about your product our business opportunity.  Don’t try to pitch them.  Get to know them, find out what their goals are, or what problems they were looking to solve when they came across your website.

When you come from a place of service and information, you will never have to sell anything another day in your life.  That’s because you have taken the time to build trust and share enough information to allow your prospect to make the best decision for them.  Remember,  it is never about you.

So, remember, when it comes to using the internet to build your Network Marketing business, it is only one tool in your tool box.  Use it and use it wisely.

To your Network Marketing Success!



One thought on “No Calling Leads, No Selling….. Yeah Right

  1. Great post, Dee. The internet is nothing more than a marketing medium. It is a great way to generate leads in MLM, but like you said, nothing will replace picking up the phone and giving your leads a call. Most folks turn to the internet looking for the "magic pill," but there is no magic pill. Just as many people fail with online MLM as they do with traditional MLM.

    If you don't want to call people or sell, I would suggest affiliate marketing as an alternative to network marketing. That business model is much easier than MLM, even though there is a steep learning curve.

    At the end of the day, building a successful business of ANY kind is hard work and typically requires several YEARS of part-time effort just to get profitable. But once you figure things out it can be very profitable indeed!

    Thanks for the great post.

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