One Minute Success Friday – July 4, 2014

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These are tips that will take just a minute or two for you to implement. I hope that these tips will help you make better decisions in order to see positive results that you are looking for in your life, career or business.

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success principles

In order to live a successful productive life, you need good sound principles to live by every single day based on what is most important to you in your life.  I recently came across a great article that John C. Maxwell wrote.  John is a leading authority on leadership and is in my top 5 of favorite authors.

In this particular article, John shared 12 principles he lives by daily and He wrote pledges based on these principles.  Here are those principles and pledges.

1. Attitude:  I will display the right outlook daily.
2. Priorities:  I will act on the things most important to me daily.
3. Health: I will follow healthy guidelines daily.
4. Family: I will communicate with and care for my loved ones daily.
5. Thinking: I will practice good thoughts daily.
6. Commitment: I will make and keep proper promises daily.
7. Finances: I will properly manage dollars daily.
8. Faith: I will deepen and live out my faith daily.
9. Relationships: I will initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.
10. Generosity: I will model kindness daily.
11. Values: I will embrace good standards daily.
12. Growth: I will seek improvements daily.

If you already have principles you live by daily, writing them down as pledges is a great way to rehearse them everyday so that they are always at the forefront of your mind.

If you are not sure about your principles, then use these as a starting point to create your own.  Then based on your principles, you can determine your daily routine and focus on what really matters to you.

I hope that you enjoyed today's edition of One Minute Success Friday!

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