One Minute Success: Friday, May 2, 1014

I am excited to announce that today begins my first of many "One Minute Success Friday's".

These are  tips that will take just a minute or two for you to implement.  I hope that these tips will help you make better decisions in order to see positive results that you are looking for in your life, career or business.

So Let's get to it!

DO A BRAIN PICK-ME-UP -  If you find yourself getting the ole brain fog, give yourself a mental break that will both rest and revive your brain at the same time.  Play a memory game. Even a word game  is great.

SLOW DOWN THE FORK - Start the habit of laying your fork down after every bite of food.  This will slow down your eating considerably.  Research shows that people who eat slower, eat less.

LET THE LIST DECIDE -  If you are like me, sometimes making decisions can get complicated.  Try writing down the pros and cons of each choice you are faced with and let the longer list decide.

ONE BITE AT A TIME - I am sure you have heard the answer to the question of how do you eat an elephant many times ..... The answer is still the same..."One bite at a time..."   If you have a work or business project that appears to be the size of Mt Everest, don't despair.  Start breaking down the project step by step on paper, listing EVERY actionable step it will take to complete the project.  Then start to tackle that project, step by step.  If you get to a step that seems to bring you to another snag, ask your self if that step can be broken down again into smaller steps.  If so, do it and continue on until you have completed every step.

Remember, don't be afraid to ask for help along the way.

I hope you are having a very successful Friday!



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      Hello McKinney, I am so glad this helped you. Look forward to the next One Minute Success on Friday. You can subscribe to my list so that you will be notified of updates. blessings!

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