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Tazew Internet Network Marketing SystemI have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 10 years and it was not until 2 years ago that I started having any real success in this industry with my primary business.  It is is only because I made the decision to go against the grain and learn what I needed to learn to build a profitable direct sales business through internet marketing. 

Even though I have managed to also build a small team along the way, it has been my selling of the products that is creating a very significant income for me and my family.  I think this is amazing simply because I have yet to tap into the power of building a residual income by purposely recruiting others into my primary business as well.

As much as I love my primary business and the products, I must truely admit that I have not been as excited about recruiting until my friend Wallace exposed me to the Tazew Marketing System. that he and his friends recently created.

I believe that this marketing system is going to take my recruiting efforts to a level I never dreamed possible.  What's more I don't want it all for myself.  I want it for you as well. 

I am the top seller in my district for my primary business all because I believed in the power of the internet. Now that you have witnessed some of my success, I would love for you to take the plunge with me as I continue to learn and invest in my knowledge.  

This marketing system will not only provide you with powerful tools to build your business (whatever it may be), but you will also get 24/7 access to a training library to learn the same strategies I learned early on in my business.

At first I was very skeptical that this system is not unique at all in that they say it is the ONLY Marketing system that provides training in SEO, driving traffic, provides landing/lead capture pages and auto responding capabilities ALL in one place AND a blogging platform AND a way to earn an additional income just by referring others to the program to use in their own businesses.

There are 3 other leading other companies out there that also make this claim. However after further investigation, I did discover that Tazew is in fact the only one that provides all this AT a very low price of ONLY $29.95 a month. All the other companies, you have to upgrade to “Inner Circle” $100 and more), “VIP ($97)”, etc, just to get the quality training you are looking for that will in fact help you to grow a success business online. I don’t understand why they companies do this.

That’s why I am so excited about TaZew. This program is designed to give everyone an opportunity who can not afford the high prices of the other companies.

I took  some time to prepare a transcript of the training that I listened to earlier this week.   I hope that you enjoy reading it. 

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax and read and then be prepared to take action along with me! See you at the top!

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The Tazew Marketing System

Tazew is could change the Internet and Network Marketing Industry Forever.

This system could create first generation millionaires.

What is Tazew?

TaZew is simply a homebased business builder’s dream come true.

Is a marketing system created to promote any business online 24/7.

Whether you are a business owner, personal Internet or Network Marketer, Tazew was build for you in mind.

Who are the Owners of Tazew?

Dave Lear , Jeff Whelan, Jeff Whelan and Wallace Nuanez.    They have have created 6 and 7 figure business, leaders in corporate sales and experts in blogging and search engine optimization. They are bringing their skillsets to the table collectively and creating an opportunity for you and me that will be unmatched.

Transcribed Version of the Tazew Presentation (This is not verbatim).  CLICK HERE to get view to view a full presentation.

Every 11 seconds a new home based business is started.

There are over 70 Million People who make Income in Home Based Network Marketing and Direct Sales.

Here is a secret that is rarely discussed when it comes to the homebased industry.

Fewer than 5% people in this industry do it full time.

Why! Because they can’t afford to do it full time.  They have to work regular jobs  to provide for their family and loved ones because it does take time to build  and duplicate a powerful downline that will provide you with residual income that will allow you to leave your job and work from home full time.

This is the exact reason why Dave, Jeff and Wallace joined forces to create TaZew.  They wanted to level the playing field even more by providing every one with both a powerful AND affordable marketing system that will provide both the training and tools that are essential to building an online business and attracting the target audience you desire to expose your business opportunity to.

They what to give back to the millions of people that want a better life for  themselves and their loved ones.

This industry has been broken for years. There has been a void in this marketplace that TaZew is about to expose.

Have you ever really sat down and wondered why so many people end up quitting your business after just a few months? Have you ever wondered why close to 90% of the people that you recruit can’t even recruit one person themselves?

There are two essential components you need to be successful in this industry:

Exposure and Duplication

For those of you that don’t understand that or try to complicate it, then you missed it. If you do not duplicate, you will disintegrate.

Duplication is the mother of creation when it comes to building your home based business.

You could have the greatest product on planet earth, but if no one knows about it, then what do you have?  You have an amazing product and service that only you know about.

Then what do you do?  Start incorporating the same systems that the industry giants use.

Another little fact about this industry. Those top 5% earners spend money in order to make money.  Let me say this again for effect…. They spend money in order to make money. Tens and thousands of dollars annually and sometimes more.

And herein is the exact reason why so many people fail at building a successful business.

People get into your business believing that they are going to get rich overnight.  They believe they have the golden lottery ticket.  They honestly have no idea the real cost to market their business.

So all of a sudden they wake up one morning and they see that they are spending more than what they are making and what happens? THEY QUIT!

It’s not the autoship, business cards are buying the catalogs that cost so much money.  It’s the REAL infrastucture… like driving traffic, blogging platforms, website development, server hosting, capture pages, SEO development, content marketing and of course… TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING

This is EXACTLY what the industry giants do AND they don't tell you about!

So has anyone caught the message? So what’s the message?

Why do Most People Fail?

The message is. The number one reason why people fail in these industries is the same  reason why 95% of the businesses go broke. 

It’s because they are under capitalized.

People quit because they can not afford a marketing infrastructure for their business!

Until now..

Until TaZew!

Million Dollar Marketing System

Imagine this for a moment… having a full time 24/7 marketing system working for you around the clock so you don’t have to.

Imagine, literally putting your business on autopilot when it comes to recruiting driving traffic, SEO rankings, and of course promoting your products and serves.

Tazew is simply your 24/7 salesman on the street.  A marketing system that is so simple to duplicate and share with others, a child could do it.

Now, I have a question for you. Would you invest a dollar a day to have a million dollar marketing system that could literally make you money while you sleep?

Would you invest $1/day to have access to thousands of dollars worth of online marketing tools and professional step by step 24/7 training from the best in the industry?

You can with Tazew. For $29.95 a month, you will have 24/7 access to Tazew’s proven million dollar marketing system.

Dave, Jeff and Wallace have contracted some of the very best in the industry when it came to creating Tazew.  Online programmers, blogging designers, developers, copy writers, content and graphic designers, code writing experts …

to build what they like to call, THE PERFECT STORM, when it comes to building your business online.  They left nothing out. It is even user friendly for mobile marketing…

I think what most people are going to like most about Tazew is…


There is none of that… “We will charge you an extra $500 to become a top leader.”  “Please buy our DVD training series.” “We’ll charge you $3000 to be really successful.”

Give me a break!  That’s bait in switch in the marketing world and really is illegal in most countries.

You will be dealing with professional people who have no time for shady sales tactics.

Here is another question for you…

What’s the Main Purpose of Any Marketing System?

That is a simple answer…

It is to create a call to action!

To drive Traffic!

Create new customers and repeat customers.

It’s all about converting prospects into real paying customers.

That is exactly what Tazew does best!

What’s Included in the New Tazew Marketing System?

“If you don’t have a business on the internet in today’s age, then you don’t have a business…” --- Bill Gates

It’s all about an online presence with Tazew.

  • Exclusive, Fully Customizable Video Capture Pages – designed to capture your prospect's full attention in whatever you are promoting.  Capture their contact information for follow up and build online brand awareness.
  • You can also create your own customized video page.
  • Tazew’s Blogging Platform – SEO Tools
  • Tazew’s Auto Responders, announcements, building relationships, communication
  • Tazew’s training library – top training from 6 and 7 figure earners. Learn how to drive traffic. Learn SEO secrets used by the industry leaders.

It’s all inclusive with your $1/day membership

PLUS THE ALL IMPORTANT … Exposure to your  Primary Business with a special button.

What is Absolutely Best about the Tazew Marketing System?

You have an opportunity to degenerate a secondary stream of income.  Simply share with your team or downline and get paid.

Have you ever heard of a phrase that farmers use? “What you don’t make on the strawberries you can make up on the tomatoes”

You have an opportunity to make money with another income stream for you or your business.  This additional income can be used to self-fund your primary business for additional promotional materials (catalogs, business cards, incentives for your team) or use it as an additional sources of income for your household budget.

This second source of income will not interfere with your primary business. You get the best of both worlds. 

Tazew was built with an ingenious Network Marketing platform, so not only can you concentrate on your primary business, but you also have an opportunity to make a small fortune duplicating, exposing and referring your downline and others to Tazew. 

Make no mistake… everyone you share your Avon business with or your juice business or whatever business you are in will not want to join.  They may be happy with the business that they are in.   BUT EVERYONE always wants more traffic. Everyone always wants to have an affordable market systems to drive traffic to the business they are currently in.

Tazew’s Compensation Plan

Tazew has 4 different ways to get paid.

1. Fast Start Bonus - $25 for every person you personally enroll. When that person enrolls someone, you earn another $3 and when that person they enrolled, enrolls some, you earn another $2.  The fast start bonus pays 3 levels deep and is paid out WEEKLY.

2. Powerline – Everyone will get paid on the first 3 people in their powerline when that person watches the training webinar, BEFORE they even sign up, even if you DON’T enroll any of those people.  This is a first in this industry.  They are doing this simply to show you the power of the Powerline.

You won’t an easier way to duplicate your business. You won’t find an easier way to get your people paid.

3. Accelerated Binary This is the difference between being a free tour taker and a paid member.  This is a call to urgency unlike anything else. Let’ say you enroll several people as a tour taker, they have not enrolled yet.  Then one of those people anywhere in that system under you decides to upgrade and become a full member.  If that person upgrades before the cut off EVERY Wednesday, he or she will be moved up ahead of the tour taker that have not upgraded as of yet, because he or she answered that important call to urgency. What happens next is anyone that upgrades after that person would be placed under them. 

This is something you need to take very seriously if you want to grow your Tazew business fast.

This starts in month two.  All members will start to receive residual income from their accelerated binary genealogy. 

Why is this called an accelerated binary?  It’s simple. The binary will pay you will just one member on each leg.  Most companies require you to enroll multiple members on each leg in order to start getting paid. But with Tazew, all you need is one on the left and one on the right.  Your online can also put people on your team, under your position. This is called spill over. 

Once you have one active enroll team member on your left and one on your right you are now eligible to receive spill over.  How amazing is that!!!! All you need is TWO to benefit from this!  This is a no brainer for me.

Every week, this team will check to see what team members have been placed under you.  You will get $10 paid out to you for every person on your weaker leg.  And it goes to infinity there is no limit to the generation you get paid on this leg…. This is too amazing.

As long as you remain active you will not lose your team members.

4. Global Pool Bonus – If you bring in just 3 people in 15 day, you can share in the 1% global bonus pool that is generated by all of revenue in Tazew and that will be paid out in January 2014.

I have shared more than a mouth full and I hope that you do not let this opportunity pass you by.  Opportunities like this do not come around very often. 

You have the potential to become a millionaire, just by sharing this marketing system with your team and others in the network marketing industry who are also looking for a way to market their business on the internet.

GO HERE NOW to take a free tour of the system.  Let me know what you think.. You will want to upgrade as soon as possible so that you will not use your position in the powerline. 

I am looking forward to exploding my Avon recruiting efforts with the Tazew Marketing System and I also look forward to making history with you.  See you at the top!