The Introvert Brand

As an introvert, I understand all to well the challenges that being an entrepreneur can bring. Not just as an entrepreneur, but also a professional in corporate America. As a recognized Thought Leader in my field, I have spoken on several national platforms and the thought of interacting with a room full of people still gives me the cold sweats. Never the less, I always manage to rise to the occasion.

I believe that we live in a day and time where the big deals are no longer being won by the smoozers, nor belong to the "bigger than life" who know how to work a room.

Introverts have more tools than ever before to show the world what we are working with and to build a brand that they can be proud of and to share their special gifts with the world.

The article '3 Ways Introverts Can Boost Their Personal Brand', offers some great brand building tips for introverts.

Picture, for a second, a man. He is not very outgoing. Pretty reserved, actually; he spends a lot of time alone. When in crowds his mind gets jumbled, and his heart starts beating just a little faster. The man knows of his true potential, but can’t even begin to think about carrying out the steps needed to get there.

If this sounds like you, chances are you’re an introvert.

But introverted people have personal brands just like the rest of the world, and denying that will most likely lead to a mediocre career path. The truth is, introverts have the potential to command just as big, if not bigger, personal brands than even the most extroverted people.

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