The New A, B, C’s of Selling in Network Marketing

abcYears ago, when I was first introduced to the wonderful world of Network Marketing, I started devouring any all material I could find on the subject.  Not only that, I also wanted to educate myself in the sales and marketing industry.

One of the phrases and is often used as the sales industry mantra that stuck out with me most was "Always Be Closing", or what is referred to as the ABC's of selling.

In other words, in sales, your main objective is to always be moving your prospect towards a final decision through the use of many closing techniques.

I will not go into those techniques here.  Some of them are clever and some of them are questionable in my opinion and it's no wonder the sales industry has gotten the bad rep that it has among the consumer population.

I still think that sales is an honorable profession and can be quite rewarding if your main focus is helping your customer solve their problems or enjoy certain benefits by providing them with a product or service that will truely add value.

With the  increase of technology that we have access to , the end consumer is more empowered than ever to research and gain information they need to make an educated decision in the products they buy.

Network Marketing is no different.  No longer can you rely on your ability to use every closing technique in the book in order to convince a prospect that your company is the best for them.

Introducing the New A, B, C's of Selling ...




Valuable content that will allow your prospect to make his or her own decisions and not just rely on a 15 minute hyped up presentation or hotel meeting.

What happens more and now than ever before, people are taking advantage of all of the information that is out there floating around in cyberspace.

Guess what?

If you are not at that big buffet of a table, your influence with that prospect starts to diminish as soon as you hang up that phone or they leave your presence, if you where not able to make the sell or bring them on as a new business partner right away.


Because now they have started the search for all of the information they can find on your company and products.

What are they looking for?

First they are looking to verify if what you shared with them is true.

And then they are looking for.... YOU!

Yes you, and if they can't find you ...

then they are looking to see who are the movers and shakers are in the company.  They are looking for who is making it happen in that company. Not just the ones talking the talk but the ones that are walking the walk by having an online presence.

The ones that are creating valuable content about their products and services. The ones that are creating an online presence as someone that can be trusted and are positioning themselves as a leader.

The question is, will that person be you or will they end up enrolling in your company with someone else who has established themselves as a leader, a provider on great content and someone who can be trusted.

So I say to you today. Learn the new A, B C's of selling and you will be on your way to not only establishing yourself online, but you will reap the rewards for years to come as you build your personal brand as a leader and great content provider.

The future belongs to  those that will go the extra mile in content creation.



4 thoughts on “The New A, B, C’s of Selling in Network Marketing

    1. Dee Foster

      Post author

      Hello Lynn! Thank you so much for stopping by. I don't think alot of network marketers, especially in my company, realize just how important that is today. I think that the traditional marketing techniques will always have it's place in face to face engagement AND that now needs to be enhanced with great content online that they can feel proud about referring their prospect to, NOT just the company website....

      1. Having your own website is very important, even if it is a simple blog. You need a hub of operations and you need one central place where you can capture prospects and provide information. From there you can send them to other links and websites.

        Traditional marketing will always work for the big companies with deep pockets, but as a small business owner you need to do things differently. Follow Dee's advice and you will be fine.
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  1. People visit the internet to get information. Your job is to be an information provider and let your content pre-sell them on what you have to offer. That is the ONLY way to sell effectively online. If you puke your product or business opportunity all over them, they will hit the back arrow and leave your website permanently. Give them what they want (good information) and all you will need to do is take their order.
    Charles Holmes recently posted...Mark & Jaci Leitgeb AdvoCare Diamond Distributors Top Earners North CarolinaMy Profile

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