Time Management Tips: Get Control of Your Day

time managementHave you ever thought about what you would do, what you could accomplish if you had all the time in the world?
Perhaps you would compose the world's next great symphonic masterpiece, or maybe you would devote your time to the study of the intricate workings of the human mind. However, we cannot ignore the fact that humans do not have the  luxury of an infinite amount of time and consequentially must decide how best to divide our time.
The concept of time management is highly important to me and I know it is to you if you have many irons in the first as I do.  In my study over the years and most recently, I have come to realize that time is something that you really cannot manage at all.  The time will pass regardless of how you decide to use it.  It can slip away without you even realizing it was gone.  So the truth of the matter is all we have complete control of is how we will use the time that we have.
Here are my top 5 tips that will give you the tools to take control of your day.
  • Tip #1: Make a clearly defined list of things to accomplish in order of importance. Sometimes, we end up running around like that poor little chicken with it's head cutoff because we're not sure what's supposed to come next. Whether it be picking the kids up from school, making sure you set up that next meeting, or even simply remembering to do the laundry. If you know what comes next, you're that much more likely to stay on track. Furthermore, try to get the more important tasks out of the way to avoid unnecessary stressful situations.
  • Tip #2: Find out what your time wasters and distractions are and eliminate them. More often than not, even when we have clearly defined goals or tasks some little tiny thing comes along and captures your attention, or you just might not be in the mood so you procrastinate. If you can pinpoint exactly what's distracting you, then you can systematically avoid whatever keeps you from being productive.
  • Tip #3: Always remember that the sooner the better. If you have a simple easy job to get done. Don't hesitate! Let it be one less thing to worry about and decrease the likeliness of procrastination.
  • Tip #4: Find a balance that works for you. Everybody's different. People have different work habits, and work schedules. So make sure you are flexible enough to accommodate any surprise. Another benefit to being flexible is that it allows you to multitask. If you try follow a strict schedule all the time, It will leave little room for being able complete other smaller less important tasks.
  • Tip #5: Have reasonable goals. Nothing feels better than relaxing after a long hard day's work. However, it's not a good idea to set goals or schedule tasks well out of your range of abilities, and schedule. Instead it's better to set smart time-oriented goals that make sense. If you need to pick up dry cleaning, don't' add making dinner, cleaning, finishing reports for work or your business and a host of other things all before 8 pm. Sure, some women can do it, but that doesn't mean you have to.
We as busy women  have to find ways to use our time wisely.  Using these five tips is a great way to make sure that maximizing your time with maximum efficiency. Making a list of prioritized tasks will give you a focal point in which you can avoid confusion. Identify what's distracting you or wasting your time and get rid of it. Try to finish your jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. This will save you a lot time in the long run. Find a balance that works for you and don't wear yourself out. Lastly, make sure you have clear logical goals. You don't want to overextend yourself and risk things falling through. With these tips, I hope all your future endeavors prosper.



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  1. I think the best time management tips are to have a prioritized to do list AND to keep distractions to a minimum. Email and Facebook have got to be two of the biggest productivity killers that I know of. Only check emails once in the morning and once at night. The same thing with Facebook. If you respond to every email or Facebook update when you get it, you will end up wasting lots of time and not being anywhere near productive as you could be.
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